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Are you still marketing your business the same way we did in 2004? If so, you need to know that getting found by local customers has changed a lot since then.

The internet is changing all the time, and it effects how we work, play and do business.

The old style methods that worked well all the time such as traditional advertising, yellow pages and billboards just don’t work well any more.

Customers these days are more savvy. They use the internet for everything, including finding any local products or services that they need. They are looking on Facebook and checking reviews for example.

One of the main changes has been that Google Reviews as well as Google Local are now THE most trusted sources for consumers to get their buying information. And how you perform here will decide whether they buy from you or your competition.

This means that if your business is not showing in these ares, then you may as well just be sending your prospective customers to your competitor down the street.

But theres a solution….

You can learn all you need to know from my FREE guides, which will show you how to market on Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Retargeting, Email and more.


You can benefit from my experience and allow me to take care of all of this “web stuff” for you, which will leave you the time to get on with the important task of running your business. Find out how here.

So What Is SEO?… And how can it help my business?