Work From Home Selling Social Media!

And get paid every month AGAIN AND AGAIN for every sale.

How do you do that you ask?

There are 2 ways and you can easily do either

Option #1

  • Contact Businesses Directly

  • Get Them Interested In Social Media Management

  • Send Them Through To Us To Complete The Sale

  • You Then Get Paid Every Month For Each Customer you Send Us

Q. So how much will you make?

A. £49 a month per sale.

Option #2

  • Get Businesses To Sell Social Media Management For You

    Such as Web design companies or any business that deals with other businesses

  • They Sell To Their Customers

    It's an easier sale for them as they know their customer, so it's a warm sale

  • You Then Get Paid Every Month For Each Customer The Business Sends To Us

Q. So how much will you make?

A. £25 a month per sale that the business sells for you. You have great leverage to make lots more money this way!

So What Is It You Could Be Selling?


We post interesting and funny articles, videos and pictures on behalf of small businesses. They know they need to be doing social media but they may not know what to post or even how to do it. There are often many reasons they don't do it for themselves.

There are so many reasons for small businesses to get on social media but the main one, obviously is to get people in their local area to notice their business and follow them. We have very good methods to get their business noticed and we post on their behalf every weekday.

So What Would I Be Doing?

It's easy and there's 2 methods:-



Contact a small business, like a plumber, plasterer etc. and get them interested in doing social media to get their business noticed.


Contact a business that provide a service to small businesses, such as web designers, printing companies, sign writing companies etc.

Once they are interested in our service you pass them through to us, it's that simple.

So How Do You Get Paid?

We use PayPal to take payments from our customers. We setup each customer with a subscription payment which takes their payment from their bank every month, simlar to a direct debit or standing order. We setup an adaptive payment which PayPal split the payment between you and us, so your payment will be instant and just like the customer pays you directly.


So What Do You Do Now?

If you're interested in making a residual monthly income, every single month from every single customer you pass through, just get in touch. There aren't any catches and you choose how you want to contact each customer, by phone, email or whatever you choose.

Just contact us now. We are friendly and will explain everything involved and how everything works, you can then get started straight away too.

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