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In 2003 Download Festival landed for the first time at Donington Park and metal fans flocked in their thousands to mosh out to bona fide rock legends Iron Maiden…

Things had looked a little hairy in the run up to the gates opening after Limp Bizkit pulled out mere weeks before showtime, but super group Audioslave heroically stepped up to the plate after being bumped up the line-up.

And let’s not forget that secret slot by Metallica.

Since then there’s been a long line of rock royalty gracing the festival’s stages, a healthy helping of heavy rain and enough mud to make a pig feel very happy indeed.

To celebrate the return of the festival this weekend we’ve flicked through our archives to find the best pictures from the last ten years… see if you can spot yourself looking a little younger and a bit drunker…


This year’s headliners Biffy Clyro played the Dimebag Darrell Stage warming up for Motley Crue

And you guys LOVED it

Forget iPhones, fans had to capture their memories on digital cameras

And bucket hats were still in fashion (see exhibit A)


Over the years the festival has seen a Kiss or two but 2008 was a particularly amorous year

We hope these co-ordinating rockers are still pals (and that the dye washed out)

We hear David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed, is actually still waiting for someone to undo his straight-jacket

Let’s take a moment to remember this absolute legend of a human

And another to appreciate this outfit which is fit as!


We gather the rain must have paused for a mo in 2009 (or maybe she was giving her t-shirt a chance to dry)

Our Marilyn didn’t need quite so much foundation back then

And you guys were pretty needy for a bit of attention


The rain started early in 2010

But that didn’t stop you getting your rock on

2010 was a confusing year for fashion and we are in no position to judge anyone’s choices… not even a tartan trilby

Braveheart even made an appearance that year

As did a schoolboy on the AC DC stage


Props to any of you who were in this crowd and lived to tell the tale having not sweated to death

Even Alice’s eyeliner was running that year

We found out Danger Mouse loves metal

And floppy side fringes were in fashion

However the half face skull make-up never did really catch on


2012 and the cameras are smaller but still digital

But some scenes are timeless

Jack Black was paying Tribute

And this group of friends had got a buy-two-get-one free offer of their pink wellies

It was not the year for coulrophobes


Things got pretty messy

Even Ernie was on it

EVEN these jokers were on it

It was a questionable year for banners

But a great year for hairstyles (RIP the side sweep)


Rock and football collided as the World Cup was shown on site

Granddad jumpers were having a moment

Of course, head scarves are always having a moment

It did get a little bit much for some though


2015 was the year of Steam Punk


And carrying giant tubes of toothpaste

… and masks of Ellen DeGeneres

Not to mention raincoats


We can’t remember exactly… but we heard rumours 2016 was a little damp

OK, a little wet

A tad muddy

But bloomin’ awesome


Thanks to the Nottingham Post for this story  – Original Story


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